Modern life is challenging for all ages. Many people live with high levels of stress, anxiety and low mood. This impacts on how they manage at school, work and at home.  Relationships in all these places can suffer, as can physical health.

Time To Thrive’s mission is to use evidence-based psychological approaches to build resilience in order to manage these pressures and help people to more fulfilling, productive and contented lives.

We offer:

  • Consultation

At times the best way to enhance the psychological wellbeing of staff is through working with contextual and structural influence at an organisational level, not just the individual level.

  • Training & Development

We can offer various off-the-shelf or bespoke packages to help you and your staff to better understand common mental health conditions, to develop self-care strategies, to be able to spot when help might be needed, and to know where to look for further support.

  • Supervision and Reflective Practice

We offer individual and group supervision for those working in psychosocial professions.

We also offer reflective practice to professional teams to help process and manage the psychological impact of their work.

  • Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Psychological approaches can offer much in the coaching domain.  We apply evidence-based models to help you to identify future directions, overcome potential barriers and find solutions.